Factory-Trained Build Center

Supporting Parker Hannifin, Custom Hoists, and Poclain Hydraulics parts

Factory-Trained Build Center
Not only are we authorized distributors for some of the biggest names in mobile hydraulics — Parker Hannifin, Poclain, and Custom Hoists — we also have an on-site, factory-trained build center to support our product lines of motors, valves, pumps, and more.
Our techs are true experts on mobile hydraulics. From assembly, to repair, to customization for your unique application, our techs can meet your needs. 
Benefits of our Build Center
  • Faster shipping - Our factory-trained technicians cut out a step in the normal ordering process by assembling your order in house, saving you time.  
  • Flexible Inventory - We keep a huge inventory in stock, but we can special order parts and customize your orders as needed.
  • Factory warranty - Since our techs are factory trained, we can work on your hydraulic parts without voiding factory warranties.
Getting the run around from other distributors because you need value-added service? Hydraulic Industries Inc. has built our company around supporting our product lines and treating our customers right. 

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